When we look at the human body, everyone is different. For example, one person might have a longer torso, while someone else has longer legs. We can go on about differences, but this is the reason why you need to train accordingly for your body.


Our Training is custom tailored to you and what works best for your body and your goals.


Training at EGT is a highly personalized experience. Sessions are by appointment only, which means the gym and your trainers are one hundred percent at your disposal. You will have access to all trainers and their wide array of expertise, and there will be no generic workouts, but rather a comprehensive health and fitness program created just for you. Elite Generation Fitness is more than a gym - it’s a support system dedicated not only to losing weight and shaping your physique, but to improving your health and mentality as well.

While our programs are based on resistance training, our trainers specialize in several areas of fitness ranging from injury rehab and flexibility/mobility training to Olympic weightlifting and sport specific training. With this broad spectrum of disciplines at their disposal, our trainers can increase your overall and functional strength while preventing injury by focusing on joint health, and keeping the body supple and fluid in its movements during exercise and in everyday life.



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